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Public Service Union backs Election and Boundaries officers accused of misconduct

The Public Service Union, PSU, pledges its full support to public officers at the Elections and Boundaries Department who are accused of misconduct. As we have reported earlier this week, Jerrylyn Bruce, a public officer attached to the Elections and Boundaries Department acquired the services of Attorney Darryl Bradley to present her concerns to Chief Elections Officer, Josephine Tamai.  Bradley wrote Tamai saying Bruce feels she is being victimized, suggesting that it is because of an incident involving the re-registration of Trevor Bradley, a well known UDP associate.  The contents of that letter were brought up by Lead Opposition Senator, Eamon Courtenay, during the senate meeting on Monday. Tamai fired back saying Trevor Bradley had applied for reregistration since July 2018, stressing that his application was not new. Today, according to a release by the PSU,  it has quote, “received supporting documentation from the affected public officers…and…based on the credible information and documentation … remain adamant and satisfied that the respective public officers did comply with established policies and directives issued,” unquote. The PSU says that in view of this, there is no way officers could be deemed as quote, “purposefully omitting applicants from the Registrar of Electors and monthly supplementary list,” end of quote. The PSU offers its full support to the affected officers and proceeds to demand that Tamai desist from making public, “unproven statements regarding any misconduct by our members without producing and providing documentary evidence to substantiate same,” unquote. Finally the PSU denounced what it calls “the apparent trend in the demeaning treatment of public officers”. It adds that it is aware and very familiar with continuous interference and threats by political operatives in ministries and departments that result in the transfer of officers for standing up for their rights.