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Public Service Union Says they are Against the Tenth Amendment Bill

The teachers are not the only ones working behind the scenes, the Public Service Union (PSU) has compiled a 47-page submission on the Tenth Amendment Bill. In its analysis, the PSU says that the amendment will only open the door where the government could politicize key positions in the public service including the Public Services Commission; the Elections and Boundaries Commission; the Security Services Commission and the Belize Advisory Council. The union in its document wrote, quote, “The politicization of these bodies can lead to the disappearance of an apolitical and competent civil service, police department, coast guard service, and military, the disenfranchisement of voters, the erosion of competitive elections, and ultimately the weakening of our democracy.” End of quote. As a solution the PSU is recommending that there be an amendment to the Belize Constitution to alter the membership of the Belize Advisory Council, the Elections and Boundaries Commission, the Public Services Commission, and the Security Services Commission, to foster impartial, inclusive, and consensus-decision making. More specifically, the PSU recommends an amendment to allow for an adequate amount of membership of each body be appointed by the Governor General acting in accordance with the advice of extra-parliamentary actors (also known as non-political actors or private sector and civil society actors or social partners).” The PSU further recommends amendment to the Belize Constitution to alter the membership of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission. The PSU proposes two options for reform of the various constitutional bodies along the lines indicated.”