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Public Service Workers Trust says No Monies will be Dished Out to Public Officers

Several public Officers are requesting that fifty percent of the monies managed by the Public Sector Workers Trust be paid out to them in cash immediately. The trust currently has a value of an estimated eight point one million dollars after the late former Prime Minister, Sir Manuel Esquivel had given public officers shares in Belize Telemedia Limited in lieu of their increments for the period, 1995 to 1997. Later, in 2014, it was announced that the monies would have been used for projects and proposals submitted by the current and retired public officers. After months of no projects rolled out with those monies, some members took the matter to court. Love News interviewed, Dr. Philip Castillo, Trustee in the PSWT, who explained further.

The PSWT was also tasked to come up with projects and programs that would benefit the beneficiaries. It seems, however, that that was not done and as a result, both parties have been urged by the court that a proper trust deed is to be drawn, with the inclusion of the Government of Belize as a settler upon the terms to be agreed.

Castillo further stated that preliminary discussions among trustees have started to offer a sum of money to immediate relatives of the beneficiaries who have since died. We understand that a new trust deed is in the final stages of being drafted and will be presented to the beneficiary stakeholders next month.