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Public Utilities Minister Rodwell Ferguson Speaks on Meeting held with the PUC

Public Utilities Minister Rodwell Ferguson met with the board Public Utilities Commission earlier in the month in Belize City. Besides acquainting himself with board members, Minister Ferguson says the meeting also served as an opportunity to familiarize himself with ongoing activities. During the discussions, Ferguson shared some of the government’s key priorities that are in line with Plan Belize. He placed emphasis on regulating the utility companies so that Belizeans across the country can have direct access to potable water and electricity at affordable rates.

Rodwell Ferguson, Area Rep, Stann Creek West: “It was a very informative meeting. I sat down with them for about two hours. They want to draft some new regulations, present to Cabinet. Cabinet will decide if those regulations are suitable for the country but I believe all the different departments under my ministry are coming together to make sure that they can modernize every single department so PUC is one of them. We are going to make sure that at the end of our term the Belizean people will be satisfied with the performance of a PUP government.”

Reporter: With the end goal to make sure that every house hold has potable water and electricity ?

Rodwell Ferguson, Area Rep, Stann Creek West: “Exactly. We asked both BWS and BEL, we are going to provide them with a list of areas that don’t have water, don’t have electricity and going to lie in the Plan Belize of our manifesto.”

Marconi Leal Junior, chief executive officer in the ministry, also attended the meeting.