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Publication on Dangriga unveiled

Harry Arzu reporting…

“A publication “A walk through Dangriga” was launched today by the Institute for Social and Cultural Research, NICH and the BTB along with the Dangriga Town Council. The event was held at the BTL Princess Royal Park here in this municipality. The author of the book is the mayor of Dangriga, Francis Humphries.

Mayor Francis Humphries

“While the book is truly a landmark achievement not just for ISCR that was at the forefront of seeing to it that it was produced and seeing to it that the quality of the work is second to none. As the years go by and the town evolves as it has done over all these years the book will have to be revised, upgraded to truly reflect all the historic, cultural landmarks that are part and parcel  of living in the culture capital.

Harry Arzu

“Love News spoke with the co author Ifasina Efunyemi.

Ifasina Efunyemi – Co-author

“When you read this book, it’s going to give you not just a history of Dangriga but it actually takes you into some of the Garifuna culture and the things that make Dangriga the culture capital. You can definitely appreciate from looking at the book and reading the various parts of it, these are all spaces that still exist in this town and that people can actually see so even though in the past people might have thought that this is not a tourist destination and not a place worth visiting, when you read this book you will see that there is so much to actually see and appreciate in Dangriga and a map is included in the book.

Harry Arzu

“In attendance were Honorable Elodio Aragon, Giovani Pinelo from ISCR, and Minister of State, Frank Mena among other members of the municipality.”