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PUC & CTU Team Up for 12th Internet Governance Forum

The 12th annual conference focusing on internet governance in the Caribbean is underway at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City.  It is a conference aimed at improving the way the Caribbean accesses the internet and to look at the various forms of economic development and entrepreneurship benefits that can be had.  Bevil Wooding is an internet strategist at Packet Clearing House in the US.  He has been crucial to discussions surrounding the internet and Belize’s use and access for over a decade.  In speaking with Love News this morning, he took us back to 2004 when the framework came about and why.


Wooding also went on to speak on how a locally based infrastructure could aid in the information gathering process within Belize.


Today was the soft launch of the 12th Caribbean Internet Governance Forum with the next two days planned for interactive discussions under the theme, “Accelerating Caribbean Internet Development”.  The event is organized jointly by the Public Utilities Commission and the Caribbean Telecommunications Union.