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PUC Hosts Expo of Innovations and Technology

The Raspberry PI Jam, is an exposition highlighting the innovations from more than thirty High schools across the country.  The event is being hosted by the Public Utilities Commission that has invested approximately half a million dollars for students to bring their innovations to life. Minister of Education Patrick Faber and Consultant for the Public Utilities Commission Carla Hart spoke about the event stating that the innovations are a demonstration of what will lead the way in the country.


The Raspberry PI innovations are not intended to be a one-time event. Minister Faber and Consultant Hart spoke about the plans that the Ministry of Education and the PUC have to keep the innovations going.

When it comes to innovation, they key is to keep trying until it works. And to encourage the students to keep up their efforts despite failure, Minister Faber shared his story on his own failed innovation.


In the evening the PUC announced the winners of the competition which was the group from Corozal Community College who presented an automatic irrigation system. Group member Carlos Lopez talks about where the inspiration came from and what the group won.