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Punta Gorda Library holds reading camp

Paul Mahung reporting…

“The camp from August 7 to 11 was coordinated by Punta Gorda Library Service Senior Library Assistant Elvina Labrel.”

Elvina Labrel – Coordinator

“The week’s reading camp is part of the Punta Gorda Library summer activities. The objective of the camp is to promote reading and to promote different ways of enjoying reading. There are twenty participants. During the camp the children were engaged in different reading activities including story reading, character role playing, story writing, spelling games and journal writing. Assisting this week is veteran teacher Ms. Olive Woodeye who worked with the younger aged children from 5 to 7 years old, Ms. Lurlene Santino and Ms. Samantha Casimiro worked with the older kids from 8 to 11 years old. There were also some volunteers from Oregon who assisted us for the first two days. Great appreciation goes out to the parents for sending their children to the program. Moreover to the children who were enthusiastic to be part of the program. Lastly to the volunteers for taking the time out their schedule to be with us this week.”

Delani Sambula – Participant

“During my camp I learned that it is important to learn to read so that I can be successful in life and what I learnt will help me in school.”

Paul Mahung

“Another participant JS Emmanuel who wrote the story entitled, When Sophie Gets Angry, Really Really Angry, was willing to share his story.”

JS Emmanuel – Participant

“This story is about when Sophie gets really really angry. One day Sophie was playing in her room and her sister came into her room pulling and pulling her gorilla and Sophie fell over the truck. She was getting really angry.”