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Punta Gorda man gunned down in Belize City; police have no motive

Police have identified the man who was shot and killed on Friday night in Belize City. Police say he is 25-year-old Albert Ervin Johnson, a resident of Punta Gorda Town, Toledo District. Today, Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino said that Johnson was approached by three men and one of them killed him.

Insp. Wilfredo Ferrufino, CIB, Belize City:“On the 20th of April sometime around 11PM police responded to a shooting on Rectory Lane in Belize City. On arrival police discovered the motionless body of a male person lying on the street. He was identified that of Albert Irvin Johnson, a twenty five year old resident of Punta Gorda. Examination of the body determined that he was shot twice, one to the forehead and one to the back of the head. From what police has gathered so far is that Mr.Johnson was walking on Rectory Lane in the direction of Regent Street when he was approached by three male persons one of whom pulled a firearm and fired shots in his direction causing the fatal injuries. Several persons have been detained for that investigation and the matter is still under investigation. Nobody has been charged as yet.”

Police say that so far there is no clear motive as to why Johnson was killed. This morning police provided little background information on Johnson, except to say that he appears to have been living in Belize City. However, it is still unclear how long he has been residing in the City or whether he was residing with family members.