Punta Gorda Mayor-Elect Charles ‘Obeah’ Galvez Addresses Recount Issue

Punta Gorda Mayor-Elect Charles ‘Obeah’ Galvez Addresses Recount Issue

Following today’s House Meeting, we met up with the Mayor-Elect for Punta Gorda, Charles ‘Obeah’ Galvez.  Galvez, who will be sworn in by Tuesday, spoke on the issue inside the counting station that led to two recounts on Wednesday night.

Carlos “Obeah” Galvez, PG Mayor Elect: “At one point because they were talking about whether the numbers were correct and around the table several different – this is one unique election you had five mayoral candidates running and every candidate had their representative out there and what happened around that table everybody had a different number so obviously something was wrong and we argued and argued I believe at certain point when the returning officer decided to intervene and said well what is the discrepancy and we said well I believe that other representative agents count ballot that was rejected and we argued and argued until we said well we’re not making no headway then let’s recount. It was already late, I guess some people fell asleep around the table but our agents’ eyes were opened and we argued and we got a recount and we count and it was in our favor. As a matter for clarity, at no point, at no point the UDP mayoral candidate nor the councilor candidates were leading. Every step of the way we were leading. Initially when we counted the area where we believed should have been a UDP concentrated area those two boxes that’s polling area in PG 111 and 112 A we won those two areas handsomely almost by ninety votes and that is a UDP concentrated area. We were already winning but my killer instinct always drives me to say never give up a vote, you argue for that vote even if – so if you’re at ninety and you have ten ballots questionable you would want to win all those ballots so you want to give your opponent a whipping so the idea is to argue for the ballot so your numbers increase.”

Prime Minister John Briceno also granted the media an interview where he spoke particularly on the politics in Belmopan.  The word on the street is that UDP’s John Saldivar is gaining ground in the capital.  Briceno did find it humorous, saying Saldivar is nothing to be worried about.

 Hon. John Briceño, Prime Minister of Belize: “I think that is much ado about nothing. Belmopan we won convincingly and that’s what is important. Also to make the point that when it comes to Mr.Saldivar I think that he was probably a part of the reason of why the people rejected the UDP candidates here in Belmopan because he made this campaign as a referendum on him and he got well now I think he knows exactly how the people of Belmopan thing about him, that his days are over and that he should retire and try to find a job because the people do not want his kind of leadership. I believe, very confident,  that Mr.Cawich will do an excellent job as mayor. He is not combative, he is humble, he is hardworking, he is liked by everyone and he’ll be reaching out to everybody and he immediately has demonstrated that when he reached out to the area representative because it was no secret that the area representative was inclined to support another candidate but they put that aside and decided that they have to work in the interest of the people of Belmopan and so we saw the results of that partnership so I’m very confident. I’m very very confident that whenever the elections are called that Belmopan will once again elect Oscar Mira as the representative.”

Belize City’s Mayor-Elect, Bernard Wagner was also at today’s meeting.  Wagner spoke on the distribution of portfolios for his council.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “It’s gradually sinking in obviously being able to serve our people and our city for another three years, really get some of the projects that we have in the pipeline completed really gratifying to me and my team. I have five new councilors come in as well as five incumbents so we’re looking to really start of on a jump start so that we could complete some of those projects that we have in the pipeline. Well first we need to be sworn in and inaugurated. I believe we’re working on a date for that some time next week and as soon as that is completed then we’ll be able to really get into the first caucus where we elect a deputy mayor and then we go into portfolios. It really says that the people want to stay on track., that the people see the development occurring in the city. You can’t run away from it, it is everywhere. Development occurring, meeting the quality of life mandate that we have, ensuring that we also stick by our legal mandate but mixing it a bit with the social infrastructure driving the local economic development, taking care of the youths in terms of our child advisory body, our youth shadow council, our summer programs that we have for the Peewee and then also driving the super sale and the community initiatives, really ensuring that we keep community inclusive and build resiliency.”

There is much more to report from today’s House Meeting.  We will have those highlights for you in subsequent news reports.

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