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PUP Addresses Social Media Slandering Among Supporters

On Friday we brought you the story of the social media hostility and disrespect taking place among some well-known PUP supporters.  As we told you the comments and back and forth arguments are nothing short of obscenities and insolence and can be interpreted as a continued division in the blue and white camp.  As the supporters and members arrived at Independence Hall this past Saturday, we had managed to get feedback from some on the slander and bickering taking place on a public platform.  We spoke first with Micah Goodin who referred to the comments as passion for their political party.  Deputy Party Leader Julius Espat also commented on the matter citing the very same passion Goodin alluded to but that was accompanied by an appeal for the insults to stop.

While the passion towards the grand ol’ party is nothing new to politics in Belize, the slander and insults deserve reprimand as expressed by Goodin.  Even Senator Patrick Andrews expressed his displeasure with the content by some users on social media as they relate to the PUP and its internal happenings.  Incidentally, some of those comments were of Senator Andrews as they pertain to the allege manipulation of the delegates list for Belmopan; we will have more on that story in tomorrow’s newscast.  For now, here is that interview with Goodin and the Senator.


PUP Chairman Henry Usher told Love News today that he is aware of the fighting on Facebook as he has gotten numerous complaints on them.

The concern surrounding the Facebook attacks was brought up at the National Party Council meeting by Senator Lisa Shoman.