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PUP and Shoman – A Strange Relationship

The People’s United Party had recently appointed its former Foreign Minister, Assad Shoman to sit on the Belize/Guatemala team along with the Foreign Affairs Minister, Wilfred Elrington.  It is a strange relation to say the least, particularly since Shoman has stated clear that he is not a member or supporter of the blue and white party.


“The unions invited me to speak to you, even before the Leader of the Opposition asked me to be his representative. You all invited both parties to send a representative and unfortunately in my view the Leader of the Opposition said let me be his representative because I had agreed to be his representative and sit with Sedi in meetings with Guatemala and so on. However there are things you want to know from the Opposition which I asked him about and I’m authorized to say on his behalf because I have my own established views on the subject which are not necessarily shared by the PUP, a party that I used to belong to but I left in 1985 and in particular I need to state that my position that we should submit the claim to the ICJ is not the position of the PUP. Rather that party has that question under review so that what I say about that  does not represent the views of the PUP.  As I pointed out I was invited on my own behalf so I had to explain what the leader of the opposition’s position was because I was asked to do so by the Union and I asked him and he told me and I think that I said that and all the rest of it was mine. I have for the last eight years been saying to the Prime Minister that anytime he needs me I am at their disposal however they never used me in negotiations with Guatemala  and just before this thing happened, that the leader of the opposition asked me to represent him, I went to the office of the Foreign Minister and I said “Please I am here to be used, use me for any negotiations with the Guatemalans.” So when the leader of the opposition asked me to be here I accepted because I feel I have the kind of experienced and knowledge that I can be useful. I’m not a PUP, I’m a socialist and they are a capitalist party.”

Shoman made those remarks at the launch of BNTU’s campaign in Benque on Friday, April 15.