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PUP Area Rep Says He Is Assisted by GOB

When it comes to taking care of electoral divisions, there is normally the complaint by the Area Representatives, who belong to the opposition, that there is no funding to run projects in their area as the ruling administration in Belmopan would hold back monies from the areas not being represented by their own.  In Cayo South which is led by PUP’s Julius Espat, there seems to be some cooperation being had with the Barrow administration, albeit, following some persistence from Espat.


“We have been lobbying government for many things and a lot of the road works that you see happening in Cayo South is what we consistently bombard government for assistance. We get our community vote which is about $4,000 a month and that is also used for that purpose. We get our assistance for establishing our office and our office has been opened since 2012. You see in Cayo South we take our role seriously, we are an elected representative that goes to work and we are here to serve and that is our motto, here to serve and we take that to heart. I believe the only way this country can move forward is if politicians put in the work that they are elected to do. We are here to serve not to be on top of people.