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PUP Area Reps Weigh In on Heightened Tensions with Guatemala

The National Executive of the People’s United Party is meeting in what has been dubbed an emergency meeting to discuss the current situation surrounding the tensions with Guatemala.  Several members of the Executive including Francis Fonseca, Anthony Mahler, Kareem Musa, Eamon Courtenay and a few others showed up at the blue and white headquarters for today’s meeting after which it is expected that the Party Leader, John Briceno will be making an official statement.  Love News was out at Independence Hall earlier where we got comments from Area Representative for Toledo West, Oscar Requena, who spoke on the atmosphere down south and sent a message to residents in southern Belize.

Meanwhile, Kareem Musa described President Morales’ address made yesterday as being inflammatory.

Coming from the northern part of the country is Mayor Kevin Bernard who told Love News that despite the distance from the areas of contention, there are still concerns by the Belizeans in the north.

Since Leader John Briceno took over the reins of the PUP, he has made it a point to reiterate that the Belize Guatemala issue is non-partisan and as such he has extended a hand of cooperation to the Barrow administration to participate in all discussions at home and abroad.  Assad Shoman was the person chosen to represent the party in the Belize Guatemala negotiations but as at yesterday, he has been replaced with Eamon Courtenay.  Speculations are that the move was the result of statements made by Shoman at last Friday’s campaign launch for the Belize National Teachers’ Union where the former ambassador disassociated himself from the PUP, announcing that he is not a PUP.