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PUP Attorney Says Former Police Minister Acted Illegally

Minister John Saldivar is on a one week suspension pending an ongoing investigation into the extent of his relationship with William “Danny” Mason. The infamous Mason is now behind bars after being accused of masterminding the execution of Pastor Llewelyn Lucas. In a previous interview, Saldivar said that Mason was a contributor to his football team, the Belmopan Bandits. Later it was found out that Mason and Saldivar had a business relationship. Documents showed that Mason owned three of ten shares of Bandit Sports and Saldivar owned the remaining seven shares.  In his response, Saldivar explained that he had dissociated himself from Mason after reports surfaced that Mason was involved in illicit activities. According to Saldivar, the minute he cut ties with Mason, he stopped the process of registering the new company name with FIFA and continued using the original club name, the Belmopan Bandits Football and Sporting Club and not Belmopan Bandits Sporting Club Ltd.  Saldivar says that in December the Club began the process of renaming the organization which now goes by the name, Bandits Sports. According to Attorney Kareen Musa, Saldivar acted unlawfully.


Saldivar has accepted the Prime Minister’s decision to suspend him as he awaits the results of the investigation.