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PUP calls for more accountability in settlement with Fortis

Yesterday Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that Government had arrived at a settlement with Fortis over Belize Electricity Limited. It is expected by next week Tuesday, thirty five US dollars will be deposited into Fortis’s bank account as part of the settlement. But before the settlement is paid out, the House of Representatives has to approve it which it will do at tomorrow’s Sitting. Today the Peoples’ United Party made it’s position on the announcement clear. The PUP says Prime Minister Dean Barrow has employed bully tactics. In a release the PUP states that quote, “He will force three readings and passage in the House on Wednesday, approval of the Senate on Friday morning, and assent by the Governor General, and gazetting in the same afternoon. That is less than 96 hours to “make a deal”. On Monday next, the payment of $70 million will be made”, end of quote.  The release goes on to say that Barrow has a duty to the country to immediately disclose the real cost of the quote, “seizure of BEL, and the settlement arrived at, in real terms – including all the legal costs which have been paid to all attorneys who have worked in behalf of BEL/GOB and in particular, Barrow & Co.”, end of quote. However the PUP says that it is glad that a settle has been arrived at but it says that it has come at a high cost.