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PUP calls for re-registration exercise to take place

The People’s United Party is demanding that a re-registration exercise takes place as scheduled in July of this year.  The PUP says the Elections and Boundaries Commission has confirmed that the re-registration exercise will not take place until after the municipal elections in 2018. Area representative for Caribbean Shores, Kareem Musa said that is unacceptable. He said while back in 2007 and 2012, the Opposition agreed that the timing was not right for the re-registration to take place, that is not the case this time around.

Kareem Musa – Caribbean Shores area representative

“The first point that we as a mass party want to place on record is that we are not in agreement with their proposal, not at all. We actually condemn their proposal to put off the re-registration exercise once again and I want to place on record that if necessary we are going to challenge it in a court of law because this process, this delaying of this re registration exercise especially given the confessions made by the former director of immigration last week in the Senate Select Inquiry where she said that the 2012 elections, those are fraudulent, I don’t think she used those words but if you put the pieces together what she said was that there are so many hundreds if not thousands of unqualified immigrants who received nationality and they are all pointed to in the AG report and not only did they receive their nationality illegally but by extension they made it on to our voters rolls and lists illegally.  So, in my opinion, the 2012 were completely fraudulent because people who do not reside in this country and who do not qualify for nationality ought not to have voted in that election and so when we look at now 2017 we are now working with that very same list from 2012 so what that is telling us is that we must do a re-registration exercise. I think there is nothing clearer than that we need; confirmation from a government representative that our electoral rolls are fraudulent so that is why we say today that we demand a re-registration exercise now and if necessary we will take legal action in the Supreme Court to get that enforced and to have that exercise completed by July 1st 2017.”


Musa said the second item on the agenda at today’s meeting of the Elections and Boundaries Commission is also important.

Kareem Musa – Caribbean Shores area representative

“Another part of the agenda today which is likewise very important is the redistricting exercise or as they refer to it the re-division which means that larger divisions that have let’s say 9,000 or 10,000 voters in it those divisions perhaps need to be divided, that is all fine and we support that but a re-division exercise cannot take place until you have a re-registration because as you know and as most people involved in politics know that politicians, and I’m not going to point fingers at the red or blue or green, politicians and successful ones at that have padded lists and so some of the voters that are on their particular list do not reside in their division. I said I wasn’t going to point fingers but take for example the Prime Minister’s division of Queen Square; there is actually an address that has ten voters there registered there but Believe it or not there is not even a house on that land so how is it that those voters remain on the electoral list there needs to be an updating of that list and wherever those ten voters actually live and reside is where they should vote and so again how are we going to do a re-division when in fact we are working with an invalid list that has been padded over so many years. So basically we don’t have the true numbers. So even through a division might say it has 10,000  voters because a politician has padded it so much it is not the true numbers, so to divide that division when in fact the voters don’t really live there makes no practical sense what so ever. So our proposal from the PUP is that one we must have a re-registration exercise and thereafter indeed we must have a re-division exercise that is the only way it makes sense and that is the only way we support it moving forward.”

Musa said a re-registration exercise should weed out individuals who might have gotten their nationality fraudulently.

Kareem Musa – Caribbean Shores area representative

“A lot of those individuals that received nationality illegally, they actually live outside of this country they live in Guatemala and a lot of them are on the Cayo West voters list and the truth of the matter is that if we are to carry out a re-registration exercise and if the individuals at those offices are being true and faithful to this country when the go and check the residence for a re-registration exercise they will note that those people do not live there and so two things, I think we have to consider.  One, those individuals that live outside of the country will not come for a re-registration exercise and two, we have to trust in our public servants that when they go to those addresses they will come back and say “those people do not really live here and should not be making it onto the list.” that is what I’m hoping for.”