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PUP Calls for Rescission of Monima’s Appointment in Health

One of the recent issues in the health sector is in the north where the post of Regional Health Manager for the Northern Regional Hospital in Orange Walk Town was awarded to Audibaldo Monima who was once attached to the Belize Coast Guard.  The issue became a point of concern when it was found out that Monima is not duly qualified to be managing the health operations for both the Orange Walk and Corozal Districts.  The Opposition Party issued a release today on the matter, stating, quote, “The People’s United Party Northern Caucus is shocked at the recent appointment of an obviously unqualified person to the post of Health Manager for the Northern Region. Mr. Audibaldo Monima does not meet the minimum academic requirements for such a crucial post and certainly has no experience in the medical field.  His appointment not only defies the Public Service regulations but is also disrespectful of every qualified Belizean who has acquired the specialized skills to fill this position.  As per the post’s terms of reference the Regional Health Manager is expected to guide health policy for the specific region. It is unbelievable that the very qualified managers in the Ministry of Health will acquiesce to an irresponsible and evidently political appointment of this sort putting at risk the very health status of an entire region of the country.  The people of the Corozal and Orange Walk districts view this appointment with great concern even as they are forced to access the substandard health services at the Northern Regional Hospital, that just last week was unable to perform surgeries, and the Corozal Community Hospital that lacks basic medications and support services.  The PUP Northern Caucus calls on the Minister of Health and more so, on the Minister of State in the Ministry of Health, who is a qualified medical practitioner, to immediately rescind this unconscionable appointment and ensure that the post is filled with a qualified health professional. The people of the North deserve no less!”  End of quote.