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PUP Calls for Sanctions against "Yellowman"

On August 16, we reported that Brian ‘Yellowman’ Audinett insulted Dr. Louis Zabaneh inside the National Assembly as the session broke for a closed door session.  Audinett referred to Zabaneh as a thief.  Zabaneh reported the matter to the police but they declared that it was not a criminal matter and as such, Audinett could not be charged.  With the police not being able to act on the report, that leaves the House Committee to levy appropriate penalties considering that Audinett is tasked with keeping peace inside the National Assembly.  Today, the PUP issued a release calling on the House Committee to apply appropriate sanctions to Audinett. They state that Dr. Zabaneh reported Audinett’s actions to Police but no action has been taken by authorities. The PUP also doesn’t expect any real reprimand by UDP members because in the past they have encouraged “thuggish behavior”. They ended off by stating that if Audinett is not properly sanctioned the House will be seen as a joke and that leaders continue to encourage these sorts of behavior by the people of Belize. The Speaker of the House had directed the Clerk to call a meeting to discuss the issue; that meeting is yet to take place as the Speaker was out of the country.