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PUP Candidates say the Saldivar Saga is behind them

Though there is another threat of legal action from Arthur Saldivar, who was rejected twice as a potential candidate, Oscar Mira and Michelle Rodriguez say that the Arthur Saldivar saga is now behind them.

Reporter: Do you think that Mr.Saldivar or the PUP would cave in to another postponement ?

Oscar Mira, Contesting PUP Belmopan Convention: “I don’t believe so. I have spoken to the PUP secretariat, I have asked all the different leaders in the party and I don’t think there will be a postponement. Mr.Saldivar’s issue is with I really don’t know, that is for them to solve and I think they will solve that issue and I don’t think there will be a postponement.”

Michelle Rodriguez, Contesting PUP Belmopan Convention: “I think this week we’ve really come alive, the campaign has taken on a life of it’s own we’d been a little quiet for a while with the whole postponement we had to wait and see exactly where the whole Arthur Saldivar story was going.”

Reporter: In regards to that do you expect an additional postponement or do you believe that matter has been settled?

Michelle Rodriguez, Contesting PUP Belmopan Convention: “I believe the matter has been settled and so we are moving ahead. Sunday is our convention day and that is how we are operating now.”