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PUP Chairman explains party’s position

On Tuesday, the People’s United Party held an executive committee meeting in which it was decided that the application submitted by Jason Patrick Andrews to participate in the party’s Belmopan convention would not be accepted. The committee also did not entertain the application by Arthur Saldivar who remains on probation after his suspension was lifted. Today, the Chairman Henry Charles Usher appeared on Vibes’ Morning Show, the Whip, to explain the party’s position.

Henry Charles, PUP Chairman: “Four applications were vetted, three were accepted one was not. There was a fifth person who also tried to apply but this person was suspended by the National Executive of this party in September 2014. Because he was suspended his application could not be entertained. Now from April he’s been trying to apply. He asked for a meeting with me. I went all the way to Belmopan met with him and his team and I explained to him in person ‘if you want to apply you need to appeal your suspension.’ They refused to do it. They said ‘No we don’t believe that that is the case.’ Again I wrote them and I have a copy of the letter, ‘If you wish to apply you need to appeal your suspension.’, they ignored that letter. Instead they went on a media offensive saying this and saying that and making all kinds of statements but it was very clear. This is the position of the National Executive that you were suspended and you can’t apply unless that suspension is appealed. The person who was rejected the reasons were written out to him. Of course it’s not a detailed letter that is telling you ‘oh because of A,B,C or D.'”

Voice 2: A legally binding document.

Henry Charles, PUP Chairman: “Right but at the end of the day all you really have to say is you were accepted or you were not accepted. So all this argument about the reasons are frivolous and that you know. You don’t know all the due diligence that was done and that won’t be put into a letter. The reason why you don’t put it in a letter is because people don’t keep anything in confidence anymore.”

Saldivar has said he will challenge the matter legally while Andrews is determined to still participate in the convention.