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PUP City Council sworn into office

Supporters of the People’s United Party converged on the Belize City Hall this afternoon as the newly elected City Council was officially sworn into office. The team, led by Mayor Bernard Wagner, took their oath and are now officially running City Hall. The team swept the polls on March seven on a campaign that ran primarily on improving the standard of living for Belize City residents and transparency. Today the newly elected Mayor says that while they have inherited many challenges at City Hall, their commitment stands.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City:

“While we recognize that this council inherits an operation that is mired in $30 million dollars in debt, one that is saddled with several misguided contracts totaling close to $1.2 million dollars many of which were signed at the eleventh hour by the previous administration whose sole intention was to appease their politically appointed subjects – we cannot be distracted. Yes we can already see that we are inheriting an institution that some may very well call a hotbed of corruption and we know that we have a central government that will act in a hostile manner in a hope that we fail; our resolve will remain to make the lives of our city residents better.”

John Briceno, Opposition Leader:

“This council ran a campaign on a message of change and on the promise of greater openness and transparency. They based their campaign on the clear distinction between two ideas. One that was based on projects and the other on people. It’s about the people Bernard said. So now this council, while fully aware of their responsibility to the residence of this city must now fulfill its mandate and give meaning to those very real plans and ideas laid out in their manifesto ensuring that whatever they do will be people centered and people driven. The people have given you the task of leadership and your People’s United Party expects of you service, commitment, humility and good service.”