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PUP concern about increasing cost of living

The People’s United Party joins the Belize Chamber of Commerce Industry in calling on the government to redesign its fuel tax strategy and decrease the excise duties on fuel. The increase of fuel affects daily activities and with the increase of data, cable, and electricity, PUP Chairman, Henry Charles Usher, says that it is time for the Government to listen to the people.

Henry Charles Usher, Chairman, PUP:  “We have consistently called on the government to reduce the burden on the taxpayers and to reduce the cost of living. This is a UDP government; a prime minister came in declaring that they would reduce the cost of living no matter what. Yet over the last nine or ten years we’ve seen the cost of living consistently rise. We’ve seen taxes consistently increase. The burden on the middle class has been higher and higher. Now we see the light bills going up, we see the fuel continue to rise, cable bills; anything that you think about. These issues are issues that are affecting all Belizeans and it is something that we continue to discuss at the Party national level and I am sure it will also come up on Tuesday. I think its past time for the people to act and I am sure that the message sent on March 7 was a clear one there in Belize City. That the people of Belize are fed up with what’s going on in this country and they’re ready for a change. They are ready for a government going to work for them instead of against them and I think that’s why it bodes well, going into the next general election for the People’s United Party.”

The PUP National Executive will be meeting tomorrow to discuss issues of national concerns.