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PUP condemns attack on media

As expected, the People’s United Party is also condemning the attack on the media. The PUP says that the police used excessive force on members of the media who were covering the demonstration on Tower Hill yesterday. In its release the Opposition states quote, “The aggressiveness and indiscipline of officers of the Special Patrol Unit, acting under the instructions of Assistant Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster and Inspector Aaron Gamboa was excessive and unnecessary. The wanton and reckless use of batons and the irresponsible discharging of tear gas canisters were unwarranted and could have resulted in serious injury to innocent civilians.” End of quote. The PUP points out that quote, “At no time did the Police come under attack by anyone staging the demonstration, and at no time was it necessary for any officer to show the brutishness which was on full display yesterday. It was quite clear that Inspector Gamboa and others were targeting the media who were doing their jobs and nothing more. Furthermore, Gamboa’s attack on Krem’s News Director, Marisol Amaya, captured on footage, was unprovoked and unnecessary.” End of quote. (VO 2 STARTS)The United Women’s Group of the PUP is also denouncing yesterday’s event on the Toll Bridge. The UWG says quote, “the media must be allowed to cover those protests without interference, intimidation, acts of repression, harm or injury to themselves and without being bullied by the police forces of this country.” End of quote. The PUP is calling on the Prime Minister and the Commissioner of Police to deal with this situation.