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PUP to conduct education campaign on ICJ

The PUP Chairman, Henry Charles Usher said that the PUP is disappointed in the way that the Government of Belize is dragging its foot as it concerns the education campaign on the International Court of Justice. Furthermore, Usher added that the PUP will be embarking on its education campaign next month.

Henry Charles Usher – PUP Chairman: The second important item on today’s Agenda was the beginning of the ICJ education campaign. As you may recall as well; the Party Leader had enunciated a road map for the party’s participation where this ICJ is concerned and we are going to start that education campaign next month and carry it through until December, perhaps even January so that the voters or supporters can be educated and informed of all the issues surrounding the ICJ and whether we go or not go.

Usher said the education campaign will be done by caucus and also by Senator Eamon Courtney who will be leading the campaign.