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PUP continues on campaign trail

The countdown continues and we are only eight days away from the municipal elections to be held on March 7. Both major political parties have been on the ground campaigning and they are using any and all platforms to do so. During the interview with Opposition Leader John Briceno, he spoke on the PUP’s campaign trail and also responded to allegations that his party is being backed heavily by Lord Michael Ashcroft.

John Briceno – Opposition Leader

“Well everywhere we go we are feeling an energy within the party and excitement within the PUP and the people. I have been campaigning all across this country- Thursday I was here in Belize City, on Friday I was in San Ignacio/ Santa Elena, on Saturday I was in Punta Gorda on Sunday I was in Dangriga and today I expect to hit the ground here in Belize City and we feel very positive. We know that the government still has a lot of money at their disposal, their war chest is big but us with the help that we are getting from everybody we believe that we should be able to do well in the next elections.”


“Speaking of campaign financing I have seen the UDP apparatus particularly on Facebook accuse you and the PUP of being financed by Lord Ashcroft is that the case?”

John Briceno – Opposition Leader

“Well Lord Ashcroft has always been the boogeyman. Whenever anything is going wrong ‘oh Lord Ashcroft Lord Ashcroft; the reality is that not even their own UDP financiers want to continue to spend money on a sinking ship. We have been trying to get monies from all over the country, from big and small and as I said ‘lee bit lee bit full basket’ and that is exactly what we are doing and we are stretching our monies and our campaign is not so much about money but it’s about hard work, it’s about love and commitment, it’s about starting to make the case that we must change direction in this country.”

This year a little over two hundred and two thousand registered electors are expected to go to the polls on March 7.