PUP Corozal Town Council Slate Endorsed Ahead of Upcoming Elections

PUP Corozal Town Council Slate Endorsed Ahead of Upcoming Elections

The PUP Corozal Town Council slate was endorsed this weekend by way of a special ceremony.  The team, led by the current Mayor, Rigo Vellos, is comprised of Leslie Rodriguez, Marleni Tapia, Baldemar Pech Junior, Otoniel Riveroll, Rodolfo Narvaez, and Miguel Montalvo.  The endorsement ceremony was held on Saturday night, directly in front of the Corozal Town Hall.  On hand at the event was PUP Chairman, Henry Charles Usher, who swore in the candidates after addressing the gathering,

Henry Charles Usher, PUP Chairman: “I know most of you guys saw the eclipse earlier right ? It showed here in Corozal, you could have seen it here in Corozal too ? Good. Well they say that the next time that will happen is 23 years from now. Maybe by that time the UDP might win Corozal again, 23 years from now when they have the next eclipse but it’s not happening in March of 2024 correct ? Because in 142 days from Today, March 6 2024 we are going to come out in huge numbers here in Corozal Town and we are going to elect Mayor Rigo Vellos, Rodolfo Narvalles, Otonio Riverol, Miguel Motalvo, Baldemar Pech, Marlene Tapia and Leslie Rodriguez to continue the good work here in Corozal Town. PUP ! Now Rigo when he first ran I remember I told him “this is nothing like body building Rigo. When you’re a body builder you’re on your own, you come on the stage and it’s you one but the mayor and any candidate cannot win by himself or herself. It is a team effort.”

PUP’s Party Leader, John Briceno, was also on hand, commending Mayor Vellos on works done during his term in office.

John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “For the first few years they got no help because the UDP central government said well we are going to punish you, we’re not going to help you. But Rigo and his team didn’t say “oh well we cant do anything.” with the little that they had they started to clean up this town. They had to clean up the town council. Remember all of the loans that they left ? The bills that they did not pay and Rigo and his team went day in day out working to ensure that we can have a  better Corozal. And after three years in 2021 Rigo again and a team started working but this time it was different  because we had four PUP area representatives in Corozal dIstrict and we had a PUP central government and so the people once again knew that Rigo and his team working with a PUP area representative and a PUP central government that more will come to Corozal. And over the past three years central government and the Corozal Town Council we have worked hand in hand and we have delivered to the people of Corozal Town.”

This weekend’s convention in Corozal Town is the first of several that the People’s United Party will be hosting as they finalize their slates for the upcoming Municipal Elections in 2024.  Also in attendance were several mayors including Bernard Wagner, Wally Nunez, Ladrick Sheppard, and members of the PUP Executive, among others.

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