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PUP criticizes Civic Management contract

Yesterday it was officially announced that Apex Events Belize Services was successful in its bid to enter into an agreement with the Government of Belize to manage the Civic. Today PUP’s Deputy Leader Cordel Hyde criticized the move.

Cordel Hyde, Deputy Party Leader, PUP

It’s incredible that the government builds a $33 million dollar building and then looks at us and say ‘we can’t find anybody in the public service to manage it.’ we have 15,000 public officers some people say 17,000 some of those persons are trained in some of the most prestigious universities in all the world and you will tell me that you can’t find one public officer or a few public officers that can manage a facility like that or learn to manage a facility like that? Something about that makes no sense. At the end of the day you hear some foreigner who’s gotten the contract along with some silent local partners it’s just mind boggling to me. At the end of the day it is Belizean labor who built that, it’s Belizean tax payers who will have to pay back for that loan but some group will own it in effect, some group will decide who uses it, when they use, how they use it and all kind of stuff. I don’t know I’ve said before if we ever reach to Belmopan we should just tear that up, tear up the contract. I don’t see what’s so incredible difficult in managing a stadium. It’s not rocket science. Tax payers could have managed that or if they don’t know how to manage it get trained to manage it, it’s as simple as that so I just don’t understand.”

The contract is for a three year term.