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PUP Criticizes House Committee and Wants UDP Chairman Gone

One week after the House Committee met to discuss matters including the outburst of Brian Audinett during the Senate Inquiry on May 17, the main opposition party has issued a statement on the outcome of the meeting.  A press release came after one o’clock this afternoon stating, quote, “The People’s United Party expresses its condemnation towards the UDP Members of the National Assembly Staff Committee who voted in favour of Brian ‘Yellow Man’ Audinett to keep his job as Macebearer in the National Assembly after he publicly attacked members of the media inside the National Assembly building during the hearings of the Senate Select Committee on Wednesday, May 17, 2017. Ministers Patrick Faber and John Saldivar along with Senate President Lee Mark Chang, Senator Michael Peyrefitte and National Assembly staff member Eudice Gibson all voted in favour of Audinett to keep his job. PUP Representative Hon. Florencio Marin and House Speaker Laura Longsworth voted in favour of firing Audinett. The PUP joins the voices of those across the nation who were shocked to witness such unprofessional and thuggish behaviour, which is unbecoming of a Member of the National Assembly, being carried out by Audinett and other members of the UDP on live TV. Standing Order 6 (2) of the House of Representatives states that the “Mace is the symbol of the dignity and authority of the Speaker of the House.”  End of quote. The PUP also called for the removal of the Chairman of the UDP, Alberto August to be removed as Chairman of the Belize Water Services Limited.