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PUP decides to endorse Gilroy Usher for Port Loyola; Candice Pitts vex

Gilroy Usher Sr., can breathe easier tonight after he received a letter from the People’s United Party, indicating that he would be endorsed rather than face Dr. Candice Pitts in a convention for Port Loyola. In the letter, the PUP’s Secretary General Linsford Castillo tells Usher that the party’s Vetting Committee believes he is the best candidate to run in the division under the blue banner. He is expected to be endorsed on May 20. Dr. Candice Pitts who is a PUP Belize City Councilor began campaigning in the Port Loyola division with the hope to gain her party’s support and run in the area for the 2020 General Elections. This evening she issued a statement with strong words aimed at Usher and the PUP. She said quote, “Once again, instead of listening to the residents of Port, certain members of the PUP have dictated a decision for them. They endorsed the infantile behavior of what we can only define as a political coward, rejected a convention, and imposed a “leader” on the residents of Port. As a result, they have disenfranchised many Port Loyolians and have indicated that these residents should settle for mediocre leadership and representation.” End of quote. Councilor Pitts sees her rejection as quote, “Fundamentally, what those members of the PUP have made vividly clear to me on May 2nd, 2018, is that: I am young; a woman from Port; of a particular race and therefore good enough to be in local government, but not Good enough to be in the National Assembly.” End of quote.