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PUP Demands Access to Proxy Register at Elections and Boundaries

There is a concern coming out of the People’s United Party surrounding the inspection of the Proxy Register.  The PUP, in a letter, dated October 27 to the Chief Elections Officer, Josephine Tamai, requested access to the register but were denied immediate access which led to another letter being sent on October 28, that stated, in part, quote, “While we appreciate that you may have to make daily entries in the Proxy Register, the response you gave is no excuse to deny us as stakeholders access to this Proxy Register that should be made public.  The letter went on to say, ‘we therefore demand that you allow my office and agents to inspect the Proxy Register at 10am on October 30, 2015 and daily on Monday and at the time of final entry on Tuesday, November 3, 2015.”  That letter ended by saying that they, the PUP, expects a definitive response by the close of business today, which was this past Wednesday.  The Chief Elections Officer, Tamai did furnish a response, albeit not in their favour.  In Tamai’s letter she noted that due to the amendment of the People Act in 2008, there is now no deadline for the submission of proxies to the Elections and Boundaries Department.  The letter reads, in part, quote, “Despite the ongoing process for the preparation of the Proxy Register and in order to ensure transparency, a representative of the PUP is granted permission to inspect the incomplete Proxy Register.  Your representative can therefore visit the Elections and Boundaries Department, Central Office, between the hours of 230pm and 330pm daily beginning on Monday, November 2 to do inspection under the supervision of an assigned election and boundaries staff member.”  According to Tamai, the Proxy Register will not be finalized until final checks are made after the last proxy form is entered in the Proxy Register.