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PUP demands answers in Ministry of Health scandal

Last week, Love News reported on the allegations that the Ministry of Health was planning to use funds from the National Health Insurance (NHI) reaserve fund to build another Central Medical Store in Belmopan. The fund reserve is managed by the Social Security Board (SSB), however, SSB’s CEO, Colin Young, told the media that he has not gotten any request from MOH concerning the use of the fund.  Without missing a beat, the PUP has issued its own release on the matter, demanding answers in what they refer to as, quote, “The latest government scandal.” End quote. The release also demands that the Prime Minister instruct the Health Minister, Pablo Marin, and the Health CEO, George Gough, to explain how and why they planning to use the NHI reserves without authority. The PUP then went a step further, insinuating that the connection lies with Gough, who was the man in charge of the NHI reserves before he entered the Ministry of Health as CEO. According to the release, like SSB’s CEO, the Minsiter of Finance, Dean Barrow, reportedly also claimed to have no knowledge of MOH’s plans to use $1.67 million of the NHI funds. The release then alledges that that it was a concerned person from inside the Ministry of Finance who leaked memo authorizing the contract to a company owned by Rolando Montero, who is reportedly the brother of UDP minister, Rene Montero. The PUP continues by saying that quote, “According to Joe Waight, Financial Secretary, the tendering process had already been done. Due diligence, such as it was, had already been conducted. The Ministry of Finance had already signed off on the contract.” End quote. The release ends by calling on the Prime Minister to act decisively in clearing up this matter.