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PUP Disappointed with Parke’s Appointment

The PUP has filed a lawsuit challenging the appointment of Franze Parke to the Court of Appeals. The claimant is PUP Leader, John Briceno and the respondent is the Attorney General of Belize, Michael Peyreffitte. Briceno is seeking that the court find the appointment of Justice Parke unconstitutional null and void. Love News spoke to Briceno this afternoon.

John Briceno, Opposition Leader

“I am disappointed to find out that the Prime Minister decided to go ahead with this appointment and I’m also disappointed on Mr. Parke who accepted the appointment under such circumstances when not only the opposition but Bar association, the Belize Network of NGOs all objected to his appointments. I think other people would probably have asked that their name be withdrawn. But there is grave concern when the Prime Minister insists to put someone that we believe is not qualified and as we pointed out the opposition is against it, the Bar is against it, the NGO network is against it, the BNTU is against it and he is simply still going to continue we have to ask why. We now know that Mr. Parke was his schoolmate in law school that is way back in 1975 so is that in itself a qualification? I don’t think so and I really believe that the Prime Minister needs to rethink what he is doing. On September 30th we had our national party council that is the second highest level body of the PUP and at that party council that appointment was roundly criticized and rejected and a motion was passed stating that I should sue the government to stop that appointment. So we did that last week and we informed that Prime Minister we informed the Governor General of what we were doing so the Prime Minister cannot say that he was not aware of what was taking place. So we have challenged it and we are going to go through it and we hope that soon we are going to be told when the case is going to be heard.”