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PUP files suit to challenge Parke’s appointment

The People’s United Party has officially filed paperwork to challenge the Government’s appointment of Franz Parke to the Court of Appeals. The claimant is PUP Leader, John Briceno and the respondent is the Attorney General of Belize, Michael Peyreffitte. According to court documents, Briceno is seeking for the Chief Justice to declare that Franze Park does not satisfy the requirements of Section 101 of the Constitution to be appointed a justice of the Court of Appeals of Belize, to declare that the decision of the Prime Minister to advise the Governor General to appoint Park as a justice of the Court of Appeals for a term of five years is unconstitutional null and void and to declare that Parke was not constitutionally appointed to the Court of Appeals. In a recent interview, Briceno, explained why Parke’s appointment should not be accepted.

John Briceno, Opposition Leader

“The CV that the Prime Minister has given me to look at shows nothing outstanding about this gentleman as a jurist. Most importantly he left the Caribbean since 1980 he has not been practicing law in the Caribbean what the Prime Minister is saying is bologna where he is can be a good jurist when he has been practicing in the US not in the Caribbean.  We have a different system of laws and then to put him at that level on the Court of Appeals it’s simply wrong. He also makes the agreement ‘Well I put him in 2015.’ Well the leader of the opposition then Honorable Francis Fonseca objected to that appointment and two he listened to one case; one case he sat on and from what I’m told there was not much input on his part and maybe the Prime Minister needs to be asked how true that is so he has absolutely no experience and the very CCJ pointed out that we need to have people of high caliber appointed. We believe that he does not meet those qualifications and that is why at the National Party Council on Saturday the People’s United Party passed a resolution stating that we are going to challenge the Prime Minister’s decision in court and let the court have a ruling to see if Justice Parke meets the qualifications to be a judge in the Court of Appeals.”

The PUP’s lead attorney on the case is Senior Counsel and PUP Senator, Eamon Courtenay. The Bar Association of Belize has also objected to Parke’s appointment.