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PUP G-10 In Discussion of Party Resolutions Passed

In a media briefing held last week at Independence Hall with the People’s United Party, Francis Fonseca, the Party Leader had announced several resolutions that came out of the joint meeting of the National Executive and the Standard Bearers.  Those resolutions came following a letter with three requests from ten PUP Standard Bearers who are lobbying for changes within the party.  According to Fonseca, he was puzzled as to why the letter would be calling for a national convention when a decision had already been made in previous meetings to have the event.  But to add to that announcement of an upcoming national convention, Francis Fonseca told the media that those present at the meeting had agreed that Fonseca’s leadership will not be challenged.  At that very same press briefing, the Party Chairman, Henry Usher, noted that a written response was drafted and would be sent to the signatories on the letter of demands.  Well, tonight, we can confirm to you that the letter has been sent and discussions are taking place among those Standard Bearers, namely, John Briceno, Cordel Hyde, Dan Silva, Elito Arceo, Josue Carballo, Gregorio Garcia Jr., Jose Abelardo Mai, Dr Francis Smith, Paul Thompson, Gilroy Usher Sr., and David Castillo.  Whilst they have not responded in kind, Love News understands that there has been no effort on the part of Fonseca to reach out to these gentlemen to see where the party stands in terms of unity.  But, getting back to the issue of a national convention – it was interesting that the Fonseca faction had agreed to a convention with the condition that the Party Leader post not be challenged.  From our understanding with members of the G-10, that is an unconstitutional move as the National Convention does call for ALL posts up for challenge should there be interested parties.  It is a resolution that they are not in agreement with but it is still left to be seen, what action, if any, will be taken by the G-10.  Notably, the seat for Party Leader has only been challenged on three occasions – back in 1956, 1996 and 2008.