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PUP gears up for Municipal Elections

The People’s United Party will be holding its National Convention on Sunday at the ITVET compound. This event is taking place less than a month away from the municipal elections. Love News caught up with the PUP supporters at ITVET as they prepared for the National Convention and spoke with Linsford Castillo, Secretary-General of the PUP.

Linsford Castillo – Secretary-General of the PUP

“We’re excited, we are looking at bringing in hundreds and thousands of our supporters from all across the country North, South, East, and West; I don’t want to really say an actual number but believe you me this will be the largest crowd Belize City has ever seen in a long, long time if not the largest crowd ever. The party will be showing its muscle on Sunday. What we will be having on Sunday is a parade leading up to the ITVETT compound here where the National Convention will be held and so we’ll be starting from the Fabers Rd. Neals Penn Rd. area and all our supporters will be marching through the streets demonstrating the PUP muscle this Sunday leading up to the national convention. After we get to the compound here we have a very short agenda that we will follow. It’s going to be a very very packed day and as a party, we look forward to once again converging on Belize City and having all our supporters from across the country in unity saying one voice at the end of the day, this government has to go.”

Castillo shared the highlights of this Sunday’s convention.

Linsford Castillo – Secretary-General of the PUP

“The highlights will be the swearing in of the new National Executive of the party. The Party Leader along with his team will be sworn in this Sunday for a new mandate. The National Executive serves a term of two years and so we will be swearing in this new National Executive for a new term.  A part of the Agenda as well is the reading of five or six resolutions, positions that the party will take which is very, very important which speaks to issues affecting the country from crime to women to youth etc.”

The parade starts at noon commencing from Fabers Road/Neal Pen Road area and culminating at the ITVET, where the convention will be held.