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PUP Gets Monies From PetroCaribe Program

On May 13, 2015, the People’s United Party had called a press conference at their headquarters in Belize City to announce the replacement of one of their Standard Bearers. During that conference, the question was posed to them as to whether there was any truth to one of their parliamentarians requesting funds from the Mother’s/Father’s Day monies via the PetroCaribe Program.  The question was ridiculed and categorically denied by the Party Leader as well as other parliamentarians who were present.  Well, today we have learnt via a press release coming out of the Ministry of Finance that the twenty five thousand dollars that was requested by the un-named PUP elected representative has been approved.  The revelation in the release just after five o’clock this evening was quite ironic, considering that the party has denied that the request was made and also because of the opposition that the PUP has set forth regarding the use of PetroCaribe funds.  While the release did not mention the name of that representative, whether intentionally, or not, Love News understands that the person is the Dangriga Area Representative, Ivan Ramos. The release ended by saying that all elected representatives are eligible for funding for this year’s Mother’s and Father’s Day program up until June 12, 2015.