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PUP to hold an ICJ Campaign

The Government of Belize has already embarked on a Public Awareness and Preparedness Campaign to ensure that its citizens are informed about Guatemala’s claim to Belize in order to prepare them to vote in the upcoming referendum, which will decide whether Belize will go to the International Court of Justice, (ICJ). Late last month, the PUP Chairman, Henry Charles Usher, made the announcement that the PUP will be embarking on an ICJ campaign of its own.  Today, the Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno, told Love News that they are finalizing their presentation. Briceno added that he hopes the campaign will dispel any fears that the people may have about going to the ICJ.

John Bricenio Leader of the Opposition: “You see what has been driving the ICJ has been fear and we have a small very vociferous group that are out there just instilling fear in people about whether we go to the ICJ, oh we will lose half of the country or we will lose the entire country to Guatemala you know and people rightly so if they don’t have the information they become you know. I was at one time concerned about whether we should go to ICJ or not. I was more thinking that maybe we shouldn’t but once I read and I saw what was in front of us I felt that it was the best option that we have. Remember the abiding principle that we stand by the People’s United Party that we are going to protect every single square inch of this country; we will give nothing to Guatemala but the reason why I believe why we should go to the ICJ is simply because if you don’t do that what is the other option: We can’t shoot Guatemala, we can’t invade Guatemala. They are the ones that are coming in so we need to be able to address that.”

The national referendum is scheduled to take place on April 10, 2019.