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PUP holds national party council meeting

Harry Arzu reporting

Municipal elections across the country of Belize are slated for Wednesday March 7th and already members of the People’s United Party have been carrying out a series of activities to win the hearts and minds of voters who will decide the next town council. One such activity that the PUP held was a National Party Council meeting that took place here in Dangriga where a number of delegates and area representatives participated. Honorable John Briceno, party leader of the PUP spoke with Love News.

John Briceno, Opposition Leader

The main issue is the issue of joblessness, the issues of corruption continues to be a major issue, there is a feel that this government has lost its way- that they are concerned more about projects, infrastructure and not about people and now we see why because it’s through those infrastructure projects that we believe that there have been a lot of corruption, a lot of hustling.”

How confident are you in this upcoming municipal election?

John Briceno, Opposition Leader

Well there is one thing that if you have learned over the years in elections you are never sure until you have counted the last ballot. We see that there is great dissatisfaction with the government, we see that people are very upset with the level of corruption that has been taking place, we see that people are very upset at the level of incompetence with this government and you seem as if nothing can get done under this government. Now we as opposition we have to be working hard, we have put in good slates all over the country, qualified people, people that have their heart in the right place that want to work with their communities along with their mayoral candidates and team so we have all the ingredients to be able to be successful to win the election. So we believe that we will do well but we have to work hard, we have to work every single day until the last vote is counted.”