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PUP Launches Health Sector Reform Proposals

The People’s United Party launched its health reform agenda today at the Independence Hall on Queen Street in Belize City.  The event saw the party’s Pickstock Standard Bearer, Dr Francis Smith as the main speaker while the Party Leader did a brief introduction on the issue.


“We know that  sickness, disease and accidents are part of the lifecycle thus the need for an affordable and efficient healthcare system. Our health system is in crisis, once more it falls to the next People’s United Party government to rescue and transform our health services to ensure quality health for all Belizeans. The next People’s United Party government will ensure the roll out of National Health Insurance to all Belizeans to the rest of the country.”

After citing several things that the PUP deems wrong with the health sector, Pickstock Standard Bearer, Doctor Smith, spoke on how the People’s United Party will right those wrongs.


“It is recorded that this government has done nothing ladies and gentlemen, not a single specialist trained during their two terms in office. A PUP government will empower health care providers to take control and ownership of their jobs, boosting self-esteem. We will ensure proper insurance coverage and pension benefits for healthcare providers at the KHMH and all public hospitals and health centers across this country. A PUP government will revitalize medicine in Belize and restore trust in our public health system.”

Today’s press conference saw the presence of several medical doctors including Doctor Andre Sosa, Dr Amin Hegar, Dr Lesbia Guerra and Dr Alvaro Rosado, among others.