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PUP Leader comments on Bernard Wagner’s first controversy

Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner, came under much fire after he endorsed two cheques to himself. He said he did it to assist the less fortunate but the practice is irregular. Wagner said it would not happen again as she told PUP Leader, John Briceno.

John Briceno, Opposition Leader:He brought it up to my attention immediately and he quickly realized that whatever help you want to do to help the Belizean people, the residents of Belize City, obviously there are more transparent ways of doing this. I think we need to start off by congratulating him in trying to do something positive. Yes he recognized quickly the way that he was doing it is not the proper way and he has corrected that and we need to recognize that, that he is man enough to say ‘okay yes we need to find out we will be able to give the assistance or whatever assistance we can give to the many residents of the city.'”

According to Wagner, the staff at the city council did not brief him earlier about what process he should follow.