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PUP Leader explains why Patrick Jason Andrews was not given the chance to run in Belmopan

The People’s United Party is experiencing a very vibrant and dramatic convention season this year, as the party positions its standard bearers for the next general elections. It’s a process that political parties go through and a process in which egos are bruised and relationships are put under tremendous stress. Recently, the PUP has come under fire from two persons who wanted to run for the PUP. One of those persons is Patrick Jason Andrews. He wanted to participate in the party’s convention in Belmopan but the PUP’s vetting committee rejected his application. Today PUP Leader, John Briceno, explained why.

John Briceno, Opposition Leader: “The recommendations have been when it comes to Mr.Andrews is that they believe that Mr.Andrews needs to do more work for the party. After the elections Mr.Andrews for whatever reason decided to leave the country and then just came back just before a convention and if was so interested in the work of the party and wanted to promote the work of the party that he should have stayed here and worked with the local executive in Belmopan. So think that is one of the main reasons why he was not recommended. For those that know me I don’t hold grudges, if he supported me or not that’s his decision and there are no hard feelings. We had Honorable Mike Espat, Kareem, Julius Espat I could give you a list of people that did not support me and we are working- Munchi Cervantes from Orange Walk North who is from my home town and did not support me and I had been supporting him all the time and even after that I said the he should be the man that can defeat Gaspar Vega should he decide. So it is not personal it is a decision that has been made to the Executive and the Executive accepted their recommendation.”

Recently Andrews accused the PUP of using the Belize Times Newspaper to attack him. He wrote on his Facebook quote, “So now our Party Leader John Briceno is using our party newspaper to attack me. Sorry for my inalienable right of choice, that I didn’t think you were the right person to lead our great party John Briceno with all respect.” Andrews stated he is consulting with his attorney to see if there are grounds to sue the newspaper. The Belize Times editor is Mike Rudon who we understand has tendered his resignation letter to the PUP’s Communications Director Narda Garcia. When asked about it today, Briceno had no knowledge of the matter. We are told that Rudon’s resignation and Andrews statement are not related. Rudon has also had attorneys at Courtenay Coye LLP write Rocio Quiroz, a staunch supporter of Andrews. Rudon is accusing Quiroz of libel with regards to comments made on Facebook. She is being asked to remove all posts and apologize. If she does not do so, she will face court action.