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PUP leader expresses confidence after meeting with disgruntled standard bearers

On Sunday, PUP standard bearer, Francis Smith, summoned the media to share his opinion on the internal rumblings within the party. Smith spoke on several topics especially the position of G11- the group of Standard Bearers within the PUP seeking major reforms within the party. Today, Fonseca was asked to respond to Smith’s comments.

Francis Fonseca – Opposition Leader

I have met with the eleven standard bearers, we have agreed upon a process which I believe will lead to a resolution of whatever differences we have between and among us. I am confident that that process will work, I am prepared to give it a fair opportunity to work and at the end of that process I think we will see a much stronger more united People’s United Party. Secondly I am not going to attack or criticize Dr.Smith or anyone else, we are as he said we are free thinkers in the People’s United Party. He has every right to his views but at the end of the day we are one party and we must respect the decisions of our party so we will have a dialogue, we will have a discussion and we will certainly try to resolve whatever differences exist among us and between us but at the end of the day when our final decisions are made we ask and we expect that everyone will respect and abide by those decisions.”

The PUP will move on to Hopkins as their next stop on their Power to the People tour. Fonseca says that he expects that all PUP Standard Bearers will be present.