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JB Says Consultation is the Way to Go; Julius Says His Stance Remains on the ICJ

The People’s United Party has not officially taken a firm position on whether or not to take Guatemala’s claim to the international court of justice. Party Leader John Briceno says that consultation needs to take place but Cayo South, Julius Espat, says his mind is made up.


“It’s not a matter of being a divided position; we all have our own opinions as to how we believe we want to go but before we make such a decision as a party we need to have more consultations, we need to have all the facts and to find out what is the best way to solve this once and for all.”


“I don’t think the party has changed its position, the party is analyzing its position which is quite different.  I haven’t changed mine and that is we don’t believe that going to the ICJ at this point in time is the best thing for the country but that’s my position and I will stay strong with that.”


“Now, Mr. Briceno has announced it but he still has to get the approval of his executive, you’re a member of that executive. You are not minded to support even if the leader supports it a proposal to revisit?


“Revisit is not a problem but what has to happen is proper consultation, I will have a problem with anybody trying to educate us or guide us in a direction if it doesn’t have people from different points of view on that education panel and that is what I am waiting for, to see who will be guiding us. I know we have a problem in the west, we have a problem in the south with it because it touches our hearts quite closely.”

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington has said many times that the only and best alternative to end Guatemala’s claim is taking it to the International Court of Justice.