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PUP Leader Says Guatemalans Need to Stop Coming Onto Our Land at Their Own Will

Earlier this week the People’s United Party had sent out a release demanding that the Government of Belize take the kidnapping of 21-year-old, Roger Plett seriously and to launch a serious investigation into the incident.  The incident reportedly occurred on Thursday, May 12 in the Green Hills area just outside Spanish Lookout.  Six days later, the Ministries of National Security and Foreign Affairs hosted a press conference where a clear disconnect between the investigating officers and the officials became evident and as a result, the two CEOs, Retired Colonel George Lovell and Lawrence Sylvestre left the briefing with the commitment to investigate further.  Today, in speaking with the Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno, he told the media that we need to stop allowing the Guatemalans to come onto our lands at their own will.


“Here we have these people saying that they were abducted by the Guatemalans and we need to take that seriously. We just can’t turn a blind eye to it. We need to investigate it and if it did happen then we need to send a strong protest note to Guatemala. I mean we just can’t allow these Guatemalans just to come in at will into our country. We are not doing that. I don’t take that lightly. We need to take that very seriously and have a look at what really took place and not just try to cover it up because it does not suit the government. We need to do what suits the Belizean people, what suits the country and not what suits the political directorate.”

Plett and his family are farm owners and were reportedly working in their fields near the adjacency zone on the western border when Plett was taken by Guatemalan military.