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PUP Leader Says Support of Section 53 is an Individual Choice

Last week Friday, the Government of Belize through its Attorney General Office filed an application to partially appeal the Chief Justice’s decision on Section 53. This made it possible for the churches, in particular the Roman Catholic Church and the National Evangelical Association of Belize to file an application to appeal the CJ’s decision in its entirety. A release from the Roman Catholic Church expressed quote, “their gratitude to the Honorable Opposition Representatives who supported the Church’s cause for appeal and who provided commitments to vote for Constitutional Amendments with a view to safeguard our children against the advance of an agenda that is not consonant with our collective public morality and our religious teaching” end of quote. So today, we asked PUP Leader to clarify the Party’s position on the matter.


“We have said from the beginning that we respect the courts and the Supreme Court made a ruling and who ever is not happy with the ruling that any court gives you here in Belize you have the right to appeal. In this case the churches believe that they have a right to appeal and we support their right to appeal. Now as a party we have decided that we are not going to take one issue one way or the other and we are going to have for individual party members because it is such a charged issue and an issue that deals with your conscience, religion and beliefs we think that the proper thing to do is to allow people to take a position that their conscience dictates to them to take.”

Attorneys Dickie Bradley, Christopher Coye and Michel Chebat are representing the Roman Catholic Church. Bradley is also representing the National Evangelical Association of Belize pro-bono.