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PUP Leader slams Minister ‘Boots’

And while Minister Anthony Martinez and Kirk Lamb argue on national television, Leader of the People’s United Party is weighing in on the matter. John Briceno says that the PUP has, for many years, raised concerns in relation to Minister Martinez and the ministries he is responsible for. Briceno told the media this evening that there is something clearly suspicious regarding the transactions made between Martinez and Lamb.

John Briceno, PUP Leader

The sad part about this is when you look at the houses that are being built under the housing for the poor initiative, an NGO that was set up by Boots Martinez controlled by the people that are very close to Boots Martinez, they are charging the government or the people between twenty seven thousand and thirty thousand dollars for Plywood or Plycem homes. Houses that have no plumbing, houses that have no wiring, houses that have no rooms, just one big empty shell and no ceiling. Basically,  just a roof and four walls. Houses that would cost no more than twelve to fifteen thousand dollars. There’s obviously something wrong when the ministry that is in charge of poverty alleviation and the minister who is in charge of this ministry would be doing business with companies where he is somehow either directly or indirectly through the people that are managing these programs or these NGOs are closely associated with him. Many questions come to mind how can the Ministry of Works or the CEO from the Ministry of Works or the CEO from the Ministry of Poverty Alleviation sign a contract with Mr. Lamb, when it is very clear that Mr. Lamb is not a contractor. He has no equipment, he has no finances, he has no experiences, he has no ability, he has nothing that the Ministry would then sign these contracts with the gentleman and as to what Mr. Lamb pointed out that there are several persons like him who are under similar situation or scam that they sign, the money is transferred into their account, they go to their account, they take out the cash and hand it over to one of the cronies of Boots Martinez. What happens to that money is anybody’s guess.”

Briceno is calling for the immediate dismissal of Martinez from Cabinet.

John Briceno, PUP Leader

“Minister Martinez is a very close friend of the Prime Minister and I would be shocked if the Prime Minister were to tell me or anybody that he knows nothing that is happening in the Ministry of Poverty Alleviation. That all of these questions were being asked, that all of these questions were being raised and yet he has done nothing to investigate, nothing to be able to do a complete and comprehensive audit as to where these monies are being spent and to whom and to why and to where we got value for money. It has also been brought to our attention that there are other companies and NGO’s that are all , somehow directly or indirectly linked to Boots Martinez. It is obvious that something wrong is going on in the Ministry of Poverty Alleviation and before that in the Ministry of Works where Boots Martinez was the Minister. The Prime Minister needs to make decisive.”