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PUP Leader to Arthur Saldivar: “there is no hard feelings on my part”

Another person who is not happy with the People’s United Party is Attorney Arthur Saldivar. He too wanted to contest the PUP’s Belmopan convention. But unlike Andrews, Arthur’s application was not rejected. It was simply not entertained or considered by the PUP vetting committee. That’s because, even though his suspension from the party has been lifted, Saldivar remains on a two year probation. The Party’s leader, John Briceno, says it’s nothing personal against Saldivar.

John Briceno, Opposition Leader:“In 2015 Mr. Saldivar was suspended from the party and as such they had no authority to review his application. That application was sent directly to the National Executive and at the National Executive it was discussed and we agreed that we can remove the suspension but we want to give him a probationary period of two years to see the kind of work that he does for the party, how engaged he is and how he’s working and in the party and in his community and so in two years time if we believe that he has met all that we have asked of him then Mr.Saldivar is welcomed to run anywhere in this party including for the leader of the party. I will quickly accept that as the leader of the party I am ultimately responsible for everything that happens in this party and if Mr.Saldivar would not be so personal and look at the work that the party has been doing and the successes that we had in the last municipal elections that everyone will tell you that the PUP is poised to win the next national elections. I know he’s hurt, he supported me, he did not vote in the last national convention but he publicly supported me so maybe he feels that maybe I should have done more for him and that’s okay and I accept that and there is no hard feelings from my part.”

Saldivar has stated that he intends to seek legal redress.