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PUP Meets Again; Ten Standard Bearers A No-Show

Of the forty odd members that make up the National Executive of the People’s united Party there were ten persons notably absent from the Independence Hall in Belize City this afternoon where the blue and white party held a joint National Executive and Standard Bearers meeting.   Just last week a letter was sent to the Chairman of the Party, Henry Usher, in which certain recommendations were made and the demand of a national convention be held in order for the party supporters to decide who they want to lead them.  Following today’s almost three-hour long meeting, the media was allowed to hear a statement from the Chairman and the Party Leader, Francis Fonseca.  Usher led the media briefing with a run-down of the demands made via the letter by the 12 Standard Bearers.


“On Monday of this week I received a letter signed by twelve standard bearers making three specific requests; one – that a National Convention be held at the earliest possible date; two – that a reorganization of the National Executive commence and three – that nationwide consultations be held. Today we had a meeting of the National Executive and invited all Standard Bearers to be present including those that had signed the letter. We had 21 standard bearers that came and offered robust discussion around the table in regard to the letter. Our Party Leader, the Honorable Francis Fonseca will be making a statement as to the contents and resolutions passed today in response to the letter.”