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PUP Meets Following Announcement of Fonseca’s Resignation

The National Executive of the People’s United Party met just after one o’clock this afternoon at Independence Hall in Belize City.  Chairman of the PUP, Henry Charles Usher spoke to us on what the agenda entailed.


“We had a meeting at the National Executive. We had three items on the agenda, the first was just a statement from the Party Leader Francis Fonseca and he just expressed his gratitude to the members of the National Executive for the work that they have done over the past four years with him as leader. He also expressed gratitude to all his campaigners, the different heads of the committees that don’t make up the National Executive but certainly are a major part of the machinery of the party and he just said that the work continues. This is not a time to look back, this is not a post mortem but this is the first step forward to make sure that the party continues to do the work of the people. Secondly the framework for the convention was discussed.”

The PUP’s National Executive is made up of twenty five persons including the Chairmen of the four caucuses, the head of the units including the United Women’s Group, the Belize Youth Movement, the Order of Distinguished Services and the Marshalls as well as the Chairman and Deputy Leaders.